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It is a real pleasure to work with Frank. His friendly attitude, incomparable market knowledge, candor and passion for his work make Frank a real jewel. Upon first meeting Frank at the recommendation of a friend who was also a client of Frank's, he immediately established with us a sense of trust and confidence. His professionalism and dedication to his clients make him the only REALTOR with whom we would ever work in Southwest Florida.


In my experience as a CEO, I have found a trusted colleague in Frank Petras. After first knowing Frank as an investor relations and a marketing and communications executive, it seemed only fitting that he would later become my Realtor, looking out for my best interests in the forever changing real estate market. Frank has represented me in several significant residential real estate purchases and sales. The fact that he holds an M.B.A. and is a licensed attorney solidifies my confidence in his abilities as a real estate professional. I describe Frank as confident, personable, responsive, resourceful and professional. I am extremely impressed by Frank's tremendous wealth of knowledge as he continues to exceed my expectations. He is a perfectionist and understands the diverse issues, parties and personalities that can be involved with a complex transaction, and exceeds in delivering the service, professional counsel and results expected. As a former executive himself, Frank understands client service. What Frank brings to a business relationship is so needed in today's real estate industry and that is what makes successful individuals and executives so pleased to work with him. I look forward to working with Frank on future endeavors and will continue to refer him to family, friends and business associates.


As high as the bar was set by our friend’s glowing recommendation, we’re happy to say that Frank still exceeded our expectations. Frank started our home purchase in Naples by refining needed property attributes. He narrowed showings to deliver those attributes, provided invaluable market facts and figures to complete the final choice, and then seamlessly delivered the closing process. He was astute enough to see that the initial showing process was moving us in a different direction. Adjustments were quickly made and we completed our long time dream of owning a home in Naples. We went into the purchase process to find a home; we came out of it with the home of our dreams and someone were our fortunate enough to call our friend.